Personalized artistic photo-murals for your company or home.


Muralix is an exclusive and artistic way of presenting the core competences, products or services of your company.
They can be part of your interior design, events, fairs, promotional material and presentations.

My experience as a designer and photographer and my passion for art helped me develop an original way of including all images required by the client in one artistic photo-mural.

Muralix is not a digital application/program. A muralix is composed by hundreds of core images assemble manually together in a unique way, always thinking on the clients requirements.



I am designer and photographer with more than 18 years of international experience and I have collaborated with public & private sectors as well as participated as competitor, judge & coach in international creativity competitions. I am organize, responsible, loyal and committed to all my projects.

I will love to help you discover the images that represent your core competences and then create a single & unique muralix with them.